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Blaze King

Briarwood II.

Clean burning

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The Briarwood II has a large wide-screen viewing area at 22 x 11. and will take a 22 log. The 2.1 cu. Ft. firebox will give you warmth for up to 7 hours and has the ability to heat from 600 to 1,200 sq. ft.. The Briarwood II is affordable and entertaining.


Minimum Heat Output 10,600 Btu/hr
Average High Heat Output   40,000 Btu/hr
Overall Efficiency 79.7%
Emissions 3.5 gr/hr.
Wood Length 22”/559mm
Low Burn Time 6-8 hours
Unit Dimensions

Width 28 3/4” / 730mm
Height 22” / 559mm
Depth 13 1/4” / 336.55mm
Weight 380 lbs. / 173kg
Flue Diameter 6”/152.4mm