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Blaze King

Customer feedback.

Michael from Alaska

I grew up with Blaze King, (a King and a Princess Insert), so when I bought my own home, I knew what I'd use to heat it. Our home is a leaky log home with three floors in Fairbanks, Alaska. We have a Blaze King, King Model, in the basement and absolutely love it. We can be gone all day and come home to a warm house with an active fire. We recently purchased a Chinook 30 to replace another brand of stove on our main floor. (We have this stove to supplement the heat on the main floor when it's 40 below zero so the basement doesn't have to be kept at 90 degrees). With our old stove, it was hard to keep it above 68 degrees and I had to light new fires all the time. We installed the Chinook when the weather warmed to 20 degrees. We decided to test it; with one load of wood it kept our house at 77 degrees for 1 1/2 days. We'll save it for below zero temperatures. Thank you for all your great products.

Michael A,
Fairbanks, Alaska

David from Alaska

My first Blaze King was bought in 1977, you have improved greatly!

David Y,
Ester, Alaska

Keith from Montana

Cory Kirsch, owner of the Ace Hardware in Boulder, is excellent to work with. Also, your phone customer service staff was very helpful when I called with questions about EPA guidelines and tax rebates. Thank you!

Keith S,
Boulder, Montana

Doug from Alaska

I love this Princess Parlor! My wood consumption has decreased and the effort needed to start and maintain a good, consistent fire is minimal.

Doug N,
Fairbanks, Alaska

Mark from California

Thank you for making such a great product. We installed a Princess insert two weeks ago and couldn't be happier. The stove meets and exceeds my highest expectations. I did over 15 hours of research on wood stoves and given the performance I'm enjoying with the Princess, it was worth taking the time to find, what I would say, is the best wood stove on the market.

I didn't realize you can cook on the Princess insert. Removing the louver gives you 8" depth cooking surface. This was a nice surprise that I only found out about after my installer pointed it out. Even though I was already sold on the Blaze King without this feature, it would have added even more weight in my decision to invest in the stove I did. You have an excellent product. I hope that those looking for a wood stove take the time to discover everything the Blaze King stoves offer. Best stove I've used!

Mark B,
Nevada City, California

Jerry from North Carolina

I didn't even think about buying a new stove until I saw a picture of the Chinook. I love everything about this stove. I'm very, very pleased!

Jerry S,
Lenoir, North Carolina

Lisa from New York

This is the best wood stove I have ever used. I get the fire going, load it up, and then can leave it completely alone for over 12 hours (and that's burning pine). It easily heats our 1800 sq. ft. home. Once the catalyst is active, I can't see any smoke coming from the chimney, even when burning at the lowest setting. This is one product that truly lives up to its claims.

Lisa J,
Baldwinsville, New York

Brian from Indiana

I bought the stove for its efficiency and to heat the basement. I did not expect the stove to heat the upstairs. My old one didn't and needed to be loaded with wood ever 3 to 4 hours, depending on the wood. My old stove would also put smoke smell in the house. Since I had my blaze king my house upstairs is 72 degrees my gas furnace is seat at 70 degrees and never kicks on. On the normal setting I need to load the blaze king every 12 to 14 yours on cotton wood and only a slight wood smell only when loading. Outstanding Product really puts out the heat.

Brian K,
Albion, Indiana

Allan from British Columbia

I wish I had known how efficient this stove is 20 years ago!

Allan K,
Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

Marta from New Mexico

I love my new chinook. I have attained burn times up to 32 hours. Easy to operate, too. EXCELLENT customer service, I'd recommend Blaze King products to anyone looking for a quality wood stove.


Marta U,
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Donald from Arizona

Blaze King stoves exceeded our expectations. Maintains the cabin temperature through the night. Previously used $1200 to $1500 of propane each winter. Even though the night temps have been in the 20's, we haven't used any propane for heating since the stove was installed on early October.

Donald S,
Mesa, Arizona

Rob from Wisconsin

Just wanted to say, we just started up the Blaze King for the winter, and I love that stove. 6 pieces of wood about the size of my forearm, and the house has been in the mid-80's for the past 12 hours, and it'll probably run until noon tomorrow.

You make a fantastic product, and I'd recommend your stoves to anyone.

That was it... Have a great day, you make a great stove.

Rob L,
Union Grove, Wisconsin

David from Oregon

My friends told me about Blaze King and how efficient their stoves are, so we had one put in our family/dining room. I have to say, I'm very satisified with it and I'd certainly recommend it to others. I have eight cords of wood to burn and some of it may rot before I use it all!

David D,
Nehalem, Oregon

Benny from Montana

Being able to regulate the heat output is what kept me with Blaze King. I wanted to go with a "prettier" wood stove, but reading through competitor's brochures and Blaze King's, it was a no-brainer. I much prefer the functionality of Blaze King over the "pretty" appearance of other stoves.

Benny Q,
Helena, Montana

Kenneth from Idaho

We were amazed on the heat return and efficiency. This kept our home very warm. The heat furnace only came on in the wee hours of the morning. The average temperature in the house was 74-76 degrees. We are very, very happy with this unit.

Kenneth M,
Hagerman, Idaho

Chris H. from Canada

We purchased an Apex furnace last year and had it installed along with an electric backup. At the time the installer told us that they had never installed on before and the we might e the only people on Vancouver Island to have one. Not surprisingly, it took three or four attempts before they got it installed properly.

One year later, we believe that this may be the best single purchase that we have made. And we pride ourselves in being careful and informed consumers. In every single respect, this has exceeded our wildest expectations, and we could readily imagine ourselves standing on soap boxes proclaiming what we believe to be an amazing marvel.

Chris H,
Victoria, BC

Rob and Dawn from Wisconson

Overall we are extremely pleased with the stove and our experience with the stove and Lake Country Granite (Jim and Cindy Pelegrin). Very pleased? Extremely Pleased? Ecstatic? Somewhere in there.

Lake Country Granite was difficult to get ahold of at first, but after were able to talk to Jim, I couldn't be more pleased with the experience.

Rob and Dawn L.
Union Grove, Wisconson

Merle from Alaska

I Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new Classic blaze king wood stove. How did I ever get along without it? my old wood burner went through so much wood. I still can't believe how long this new stove goes on one full load.

Merle W.
North Pole, Alaska

Dear Sirs,

I have had a Blaze King wood insert, Model KEI 1300, in my home in Rolla for 20years as the sole method of home heating. Obviously I LOVE this thing, given the rise in heating costs. I have change the catalytic converter once about six years ago, I think, and the thing just keeps on going. I have not cleaned the converter ever. It seems to do just fine left alone. The only repair I have ever made happened last year. The connection between the bypass lever and the bypass door got loose from use and needed machining. Other than that, it just sits there and works like it is supposed to!

I Had to take time to send this thanks and praise. I hope I dont have to buy anther insert, but if I do, I know which brand Ill buy.

Yours truly,
Hugh B, M.D.
Rolla, MO


The coffee mug showed up today, I like it. Its my size! As for the stove, Im getting to appreciate its stingy way with the wood and realize the need to operate it at a high level if you need a lot of heat from it. It may look like my old stove, but it operates very differently, Im realizing now that most of that is for the better, even if the EPA did put a major lid on output.

Thanks again, Merry Christmas to you all at Blaze king, still the best damn stoves around!

Tom R. Gustine, CA


Its now my turn to brag about the Blaze king instead of you. In the winter 2003 we started the Blaze King up and in June the gas company finally came to read the meter. The meter man asked why we never even used the minimum amount of natural gas. I told him if you guys keep charging these ridiculous prices for gas I will do everything in my power to use no gas. Anyway we will be getting a credit on 5 months gas bills. Thanks for bragging up the stove as it is perfect, it totally heated our home 1200 sq. feet up and the same down even at -30degrees which it was for 3 days and night in Calgary.

Thanks Gary

Form posted from our website:

My dad has a Valley Comfort woodstove, which he purchased and installed in his home in about 1974 or 1975. It is a model C31S, and looks not entirely unlike your current VC95 model. It has a thermostat-controlled fan on the back and after 30years of faithful service, the thermostat is worn out. It arcs during operation, and it wont be much longer before it conks out entirely. Where can I obtain a replacement thermostat? Thanks for you help, and thanks for building such a quality product it has been the primary source of heat in our home for 30 years and is still going strong!

Thank you,

Christopher H.
Penetanguishene, Ontario

Response from our customer service representative,

Hello Christopher. I am glad to hear youre happy with the old heater. You are right, it is very similar to the VC95 and because of that, the thermostat can be replace. Scotts Heating in Midland should be able to help you. Just ask them to order you the thermostat for a VC95 and it will fit.

Thanks again
Valley Comfort/ Blaze King

Dear Sir:

I Have had a Blaze King for 15 years. I bought it in Cleaburne, TX. And would not take anything for it, in fact this wood stove dealer here in Hattiesburg, MS. Told me that you had gone out of business. I looked you up on the computer and there you were and was so glad. As far as Im concerned this is the best stove made, keeps this 1600sq ft home warm as toast.

Sincerely Yours

Eugene C.
Cleaburne, TX.

To Chris Neufeld of Blaze King

Thank you for the manual. Our stove is working great. My wife and I are so impressed with your speedy response that when we buy another gas stove for our living room in the spring we will be visiting our local Blaze King dealer. Again thank you very much.

Dick S.

General Information

Comments: Just a note from a Blaze King owner: my wife and I have a Princess that we bought in 1984. I feel we have burned well over 55 cords of wood and is one of the best buys we have made. Keep up the great work.

D.A. B.
Billings, MT

New Stove

Good Morning! I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed my wife and I are with our new Blaze King-Princess stove. It burns evenly and cleanly, the temperature is constant and it is thrifty on wood. A plus since we rely on it almost eight months of the year for heat. We have only been using it for few days and can already see that we are in for years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Thank for such a fine product,

Mark & Debbie B.
Boundary County, Idaho

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your detailed info phone call regarding the Blaze King. The old Princess has been working very nicely, indeed. In fact the electric heat hasnt yet come on in our cabin.

Many best regards,

Jackson B.

Dear Friends at Blaze King,

In 2001 we built a new home in Yaak, Montana. As you know there are many decisions to be made with this undertaking. One decision we made was to install a wood stove as our main source of heat. Our next decision was to purchase and Avalon stove from the Mission series. This stove did okay keeping our 1800 square foot home comfortable for the first couple of winters.

In the early days of January, 2004 we experienced some extremely cold weather. For a period of four days our low temperatures were close to minus 40 degrees with the daytime highs reaching plus 4 degrees. Well, our Avalon woodstove just couldnt keep the house warm. It was necessary to put wood in about every two hours or so and that meant all night vigils.

By the end of the third day we went on an internet mission to find a new stove that would adequately heat our home. The information available online about the Blaze King convinced us to give it a try. We purchase a Princess on the 8th of January form accommodating, representing your product well. We installed our new stove on the 9th. Since then our home has been a comfortable 72 degrees.

Furthermore, this stove has many features that we really like. It is clean to fill as the ash does not spill out onto the hearth. It takes a good load of wood which lasts for twelve hours with ease keeping our home a constant comfortable temperature. In fact, this little stove does everything that your brochure claims.

We want to thank you for the honest representation of your product and for the superior product you have put on the market.

Jim W.
Troy, MT.


We have been a Blaze King Princess owner for between 10-15 years. We just bought a brand new catalytic Princess model and are honestly wishing we had done it 10years ago. It is an absolute dream and we hate to think of the wood we wasted in the older stove. I thought your brochure was hype when it said that I will only light a match once, but its honestly true. We lit one fire weeks ago and havent used another match or kindling since.

Thanks very much.

Nick B.
State of Washington.

Dear Mr. Neufeld,

I am writing one last time to let you know after much anxiety in waiting for the new Princess Insert we were able to pick it up last Friday and I installed it this week end. As you already know Blaze King builds a superior product. You will recall I wrote last winter stating that we learn you were not building them any more. We purchased another brand and were so unhappy with it. I wrote to you asking if you might have one in the works. Your very prompt reply was yes, but we would have to wait a while. We had our fist fire yesterday and I want you to know we could not be more pleased! No more smoke in the house! And no more ashes out the door every time we open it! Besides that we had a warm house this morning and this afternoon there is still several hours more fuel to burn.

I do want to apologize for being a pest for the last 10 months but we were not able to get information via the dealer. I do appreciate your always prompt courteous response, and we will recommend your products to anyone who might be interested.

William M. (Bill)
Roseburg, Or. 97470

To the Blaze King Staff at Valley Comfort Systems:

In March of this year we took advantage of the wood stove exchange program in Kelowna to replace our 20-year old Princess stove. Our initial intent was to purchase a competitors non-catalytic stove. However, after a visit from Master Sweep eventually decided on another Blaze King Princess.

It gives us great joy to share with you that our new Princess not only meets our expectations but also far surpasses them. Compared to the old Princess stove our wood requirement and loading frequency have dropped to less than half all the while maintaining a more beautiful consistent warmth in our home. The glass door allows a cozy ambience in our family room and the built in ash dump is a pleasure to use right down to the hinged lid cover. Attention to detail is apparent throughout your stove.

It seems today that only infrequently does one find a product that not only lives up to its claims but actually exceeds them. In our opinion your Blaze King Princess is one of these few products.

So Thank you to all the staff at Blaze King in manufacturing such a well engineered and precision built wood stove. Our Blaze King will follow us as part of the family if we ever move. Our enthusiasm has prompted our neighbour to express interest on replacing his wood stove with a Princess as well.

Ralf & Karen M.